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Modular Photo and Art display, 2021

Frames have accompanied artworks for centuries, acting partly as objects and partly as sculpture. In the present day, they are almost invisible to our eyes, yet play an important role nevertheless. 

This project revisits what surrounds art and photography in order to enhance the way we perceive them in their setting, whether at an art gallery, museum or in our own personal home.  By rethinking these subtle, yet essential supports in the world of arts.  “Adorn” is an exploration of assembly and form through the use of widely available aluminium profiles based on different traditional framing techniques.

Master’s diploma project at ECAL.

Sarah Yao_Adorn_FV.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-15 195110.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-15 194608.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-15 195745.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-15 194822.jpg
Adorn_ECAL_Sarah Yao.jpg
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