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Incense and Candle light burner, 2018

While designing this incense burner, I wanted to avoid creating a product that will sit on a shelf, unused. In order to give a second life to this delicate object, Ease functions as a incense burner as well as a tealight candle holder.
As an incense holder, it’s wide lid captures fallen ashes towards the funnel-like center, giving the product a clean look while in use. Furthermore, it’s minimalist and simple shape allows for an intuitive approach to Ease. By flipping the lid and inserting it beneath the base, a candle holder is created. This candle holder fits a standard 1.5” tealight candle while the pot can also be used to store matches.

Incense Burner_C2_FV_Black_2.2.jpg
Incense Burner_C2_FV_Black_1.jpg
incense Burner_C2_KS_concept insitu.jpg
Incense Burner_C1_FV_Black_insitu.jpg
incense Burner_C2_TV.jpg
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