Etna - The new alternative to cooking, designed for the visually impaired, 2016

Etna offers the blind a safe way to cook without direct exposure to heat. Because of its double wall and use of specialize heating mechanism found inside the pots, this cooking system stays cool to touch at all times. This group of products, intuitive by their form and affordant interface allows an easier alternative way of cooking. It’s vibrant color, textures and materials, the Etna collection stands out from everyday cookware and answers the needs of not just the blind and the visually impaired, but for all home users.


We believe that meeting and observing the visually impaired would be beneficial to identifying the challenges they may face in their day-to-day life.With the help of our collaborators from MAB-Mackay, we were able to meet  Christine, a blind woman who loves to cook. Her experience and passion for cooking made her the perfect candidate to validate our project. This meeting was extremely valuable in obtaining real world applications and feedback in areas that Etna needed improvements.

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Salma Amzil

Throughout the whole year from Ideation to Conception, Salma and I have worked equally on this project. We worked together from the beginning to the end, sharing each other's feedback making our design the best possible.

Year end project 
2015-2016 (8 months).