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Photo Display, 2018

These days, all picture frames look alike, mainly because customers tend to always purchase the simple and classic frame designs. With this project, I wanted to challenge this concept and focus on rethinking the traditional frame. 
To keep the design as minimal as possible, I decided to play with the glass instead. By changing the shape of the front and back glass, I was able to create a subtle novel design. To enhance the outline of each glass, a matching metallic foil was added along the curved glass edges creating an unique geometric shadow on the wall.
Having the picture display as a float frame keeps the design elegant and light.

Cut Glass PD with Rim_C1_INS.jpg
Cut Glass PD_C1_KS_edited.jpg
Prototype picture.jpg
Cut Glass PD_C1_KS_edited.jpg
Cut Glass PD with rim_C1_INS_Landscape.jpg
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