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Union - Hybrid utensil, 2015


With the emergence of cultural gastronomy  all around the world and the new trend of eating-on-the-go, a utensil was created to represent this hybrid evolution.


The concept behind Union is to solve the problems related to eating away from home. This reusable utensil allows the user to eat a variety of  different types of meals, especially Asian dishes. Furthermore, Union allows a flexibility and easiness when it comes to transportation by combining chopsticks, a spoon and a butter knife.



This project was done in two phase.

Ideation, research and modelisation of the first generation of Union.


After receiving the first prototype, we tested it out with users and redesigned certain features in order to make our product comfortable and intuitive.

3sketch concept3 dimensionnel.jpg
4sketch concept4.jpg

A 3D printing model was created in order to validate our product with different types of users.

The knife is stored in between the chopticks. This allows to compact many utensils into one. Before eating, the knife can easily be slided off.

union smaller.jpg

Adjustments done for the second prototype of Union.

Reduce the thickness and the depth of the spoon.


Increase the distance and the length of the rods.


Soften the transition from the knife’s handle to the blade.


Add notches on the edge of the cutting blade.


Reshape the spoon to create a water droplet form.


Improve the attachment between the knife and the utensil.


Natasha Thorpe
René Vu
Edgar Garcia

The idea in having a spoon and small picking fork came from a few of my sketches. However, in order to add something special to it, our team decided to add a knife into the product. I helped design the product. Natasha made a CAD in Solidworks. In the second generation we worked together a team to refine the design.

Rapid prototyping class
2014  (10 weeks).