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Packaging, 2021

La Prairie’s appreciation and close affiliation to the world of art and design should somehow be represented in their packaging.

Inspired by art that embodies the vision of La Prairie, I wanted to create a packaging that doesn’t look like your everyday packaging. A perfect balance between art and design. A sculptural packaging while respecting the fundamental code and history of La Prairie.
The Luxe Cream is suspended in the middle of the packaging which allows light to flow through the packaging, creating a soft glow around the cream. 

Project designed during my studies at ECAL in
collaboration with La Prairie.


La Prairie_Floating Packaging_Final_3.jpg
La Prairie_Floating Packaging_Final_3_edited.png
La Prairie_Floating Packaging_Final_3_edited.png
La Prairie_Floating Packaging_Final_3_edited.jpg
© ECAL/Younès Klouche
© ECAL/Younès Klouche
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