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Reef Knot
Lighting, 2018

When creating this light, I wanted to transform rigid materials into flexible and soft shapes. Taking inspiration from different types of nautical knots, the reef knot caught my attention for its classic shape and interesting historical background. By using this type of knot outside of its context and implementing it as a decorative piece, results in an unique and sculptural light.
This light is made out of two metal tubes that are shaped and then, welded together. On both side where the welded points meet, there is a small opening allowing the cable to pass though.

Lighting is a 360 degrees LED tube.

Nautical Knot Light_C2.jpg
Nautical Knot Light_C2_Color Options.jpg
Nautical Knot Light_C2_grey.jpg
Nautical Knot Light_C1_INS_3.jpg
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